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Sunshine Reusable Fly Trap (Fly Catcher)

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你的谷仓里有一个可怕的苍蝇问题吗?让你的谷仓成为一个禁飞区。抓住其中一个,观看苍蝇消失。仅限时限50%折扣 - 全球免费送货!!  


  • Assembly Instructions: Clip the inner cone to the top part of the net. Slip green bowl into the wire at the bottom. Place bait in bowl.  Hang in a high traffic fly area. 
  • To Empty: Remove the bottom.  Turn the cone part inside out.  Dump flies into a bag.  Some insects may still be alive so be careful not to let them escape.
  • Fly bait not included.  Suggested bait:  Overripe fruit, stinky fish bait, cat food.
  • Place anywhere outdoors where you think you'd need this.
  • Empty trap every few days so that flies will not smell dead flies and get keen on the device.
  • EASY, environment-friendly, and safe to use.
  • Diameter:  9.25 inches.  
    Height:  15.75 inches.
  • Materials used: Iron Wire, Gauze, Plastic.
  • Results may vary.


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