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spring-loaded knee brace

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Will these fit my knees?

Yes! One-size-fits-all. The length of the brace and both upper/lower straps are fully adjustable.

Do they hurt?

Our braces can be worn comfortably under or over pants without giving you a rash or burning sensation behind your knees. 

Package Includes:

1x Pair (2pcs) Knee Support Braces

Would you like to stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier than ever before?
The Dr Wish Power-Knee function as shock absorbers for your legs and knees, allowing you to bounce back to life and spring into action.
The brace provides optimal support and stability for those with knee pain, sprains, and strains, including ACL/MCL injuries, inflammation, soreness, and tendinitis. 
Don't already have knee pain? Let's keep it that way! The brace protects your knees and enhances your power like never before. It's not just a recovery tool, it's a performance tool.